I respect your privacy so here are a few words about the collection of personal data.

It’s tragic but sometimes I collect data. I need it, I use it, but I’ll tell you one thing I never share it!

If you fill in my contact form, I ask for your name and email address because if I want to reply to your query, I like to know who I’m talking to and where to send my response.

If you do business with me I collect your name, business name, email address and address, which I’ll use for financial purposes like sending you an invoice.

I’ll only ever use the information I collect to contact you. Like I said, I don’t like to share it and I certainly won’t be selling your data either.

I use apps when I use your data.

My website (and hence contact form) is hosted with Squarespace and they’re super secure with their HTTPS/SSL security measures.

I use the Gmail platform to email you. That’s part of the Google network of products and they’re all over the privacy thing.

Invoices are sent using Quickbooks and they, like Google and Squarespace, are also part of the Privacy Shield framework.

A note about cookies (not the sweet biscuit).

You probably saw the banner on my site when you first loaded it up. If you accepted cookies that means there’s a little text file that talks to Google Analytics so I can see whereabouts on my site you’ve visited. It doesn’t disclose personal information nor tell me your favourite flavour.

I use cookies to optimise my website to figure out how I can improve it. The only way I can match the cookie to the user is if you explicitly tell me which pages of my website you visited.

Your browser will have an option to delete all the cookies (or mine specifically if they’re really bad).

Delete your account.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or you’d like to request I erase all your personal data, email me at hello@heapsgoodwords.com and I’ll get it sorted.