Words are my jam. They’re also my bread and butter and I love to write for brands so that they can earn their crust too. Enough of the food puns, I mean business.

Copywriting comes in all shapes and sizes but here are just a few ideas of the sorts of projects I can help you with.

Web Copywriting

Short of pointing out the obvious, a web copywriter writes words for websites but there’s a bit more to it than that. I juggle the English language into comprehensible, creative and downright compelling sentences that turn visitors to your website into paying customers.

Ideal if you already have a website and you’re in need of a web copywriter to freshen it up

I’ll spend a good amount of time gathering data on your customers, asking questions of you and your team to get the right questions answered.

Blog articles

Maybe you’ve dabbled in blogging before and found you don’t have the time nor energy to put into it to deliver good results or perhaps you’ve never even contemplated starting a blog on your website–whatever the reason, I am here to get that ball rolling.

Blogs help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Great for giving advice on complex products or services.

Share articles online to help the community and grow your following.

Content Strategy

You’ve scratched your head and drawn blanks every time. If you’re out of ideas and methods, I have a few up my sleeve.

Competitor and industry analysis to shape blog topics

Keyword research to help you climb Google’s ladder

I’ll leave you with approximately 8-10 blog topics which you can write or better yet, I’ll do them for you!